Give Your Employees Peace of Mind

Imagine your employees being more focused and productive at work because you’ve helped them feel more secure about their financial future.  All of these plans can be customized to suit your staff members’ needs…at no cost to you!

  • Life Insurance, with extraordinary benefits your employees will appreciate:
    — Competitive Scholarships
    — Orphan Scholarships
  • Well Being Benefits
    — Orphan Benefits
    — Online grants to help them organize volunteer activities in their communities
    — Access to accredited counselors who can help with everyday money issues, such as budgets and debt– Orphan Benefits
    — Access to complimentary or discounted legal services in many areas
    — Simple Wills (big bonus and so important)
  • Disability and Critical Illness Plans
    — Long-Term
    — Short-Term
  • Accidental Death
  • Safe Retirement Options
  • Plus, Community and Volunteering
    — Community granting program
    —  Fun family events


Help Your Employees Sleep Well at Night

All of these plans can be customized to suit your staff members’ needs at no cost to you!

We want to help you design and implement a strong voluntary benefits program that will help you protect your most valuable resource — YOUR PEOPLE.

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Attract and Keep a Strong Workforce by Providing Benefits Every Family Deserves…at NO additional cost to you!

Be sure that your employees are worry-free when they’re on the job by helping them protect their families with a robust offering of voluntary benefits. You want to attract and keep the best and the brightest employees, so how can you round out your benefits package without sacrificing cost-effective planning?

Wouldn’t it be great to give your employees the opportunity to not only put a life insurance product in place, but to use that very same product for their retirement? What if they could also use those benefits to assist them financially during a critical or chronic illness, when they’re needed most?



How Does the Voluntary Benefits Program Work?

At the heart of your voluntary benefits program is choice.

Your employees want options when it comes to Voluntary Benefits.  Some people may want a complete package of life insurance, disability, critical illness, accidental death and dismemberment and a program to safeguard the money they are putting aside for retirement.  Others may want only life insurance or one of the other programs.  Our programs are designed to provide exactly what your staff members want at a price they can afford.  And, they want the convenience of paying for the coverage through a payroll deduction plan.

We will help give your employees the confidence of knowing that their families are protected from financial devastation and tragic loss and can enjoy a more secure future.

Simple Plan Administration – WE KEEP IT SIMPLE!

We take care of all the paperwork — we will need minimal interaction with your Human Resources staff.  We will work individually with each employee to customize a plan just for them, provide enrollment paperwork and help each employee complete it.

Our goal:  to provide a seamless integration of voluntary benefits into your Human Resources plan with little impact on your H.R. staff…keeping in simple!

You’ll have a small, local team you can call on to answer any questions and manage your benefits, add or remove members, and take care of billing and payment questions.

Plus, your employees can take the benefits with them if and when they leave the job and pay the same rates as when they worked for you.

Contact us today to set up a personal appointment on how we can help your employees and YOU sleep better at night…and when they are working, they feel more secure knowing their family is protected!