How Does the Voluntary Benefits Program Work?

At the heart of the voluntary benefits program is choice.

You may want a complete package of life insurance, disability, critical illness, accidental death and dismemberment and a program to safeguard the money you are putting aside for retirement. Or, you may need only life insurance or one of the other programs. Our programs are designed to provide exactly what your want at a price you can afford, payable directly through your payroll deduction program.

Keep It Simple and Easy for You

We take care of all the paperwork – you will need to spend no more than 20 minutes with a Protect Your Family benefits specialist to discuss your needs and complete the paperwork to set up your plan. You’ll have a small, local team you can call on to answer any questions and manage your benefits, as well as take care of billing and payment questions.

Convenient Benefits Payouts Directly to You

Your benefits, when you need them, are paid directly to you, not through your employer. That means a quick turnaround when you need the money from your benefits.

Plus, you can take the benefits with you when you leave the job and pay the same rates as when you worked for your employer. No rate hikes, no questions, no problems.

Talk to your employer about adding Protect Your Family’s Voluntary Benefits Program Today!


Be Ready for Life’s Twists and Turns!

Do you spend on-the-job time worrying about finances or what might happen to your family if you were unexpectedly laid up? Be worry-free when you take advantage of a robust offering of voluntary benefits. You choose what you and your family need…not what your employer thinks you need. Your insurance needs may vary including survivors needs, protecting your mortgage, saving for education, or preparing for retirement. You can choose from a wide range of options and customize your choices.

Your Voluntary Benefits Options

  • Life Insurance, with extraordinary benefits your employees will appreciate:
    — Competitive Scholarships
    — Orphan Scholarships
  • Well Being Benefits
    — Orphan Benefits
    — Online grants to help them organize volunteer activities in their communities
    — Access to accredited counselors who can help with everyday money issues, such as budgets and debt– Orphan Benefits
    — Access to complimentary or discounted legal services in many areas
    — Simple Wills (big bonus and so important)
  • Disability and Critical Illness Plans
    — Long-Term
    — Short-Term
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Packages
  • Safe Retirement Options
  • Plus, Community and Volunteering
    — Community granting program
    —  Fun family events